Spiegel Online & Pro7: With magnetic particles against oil spills

In future, it could be possible to remove oil spills on the surface of the ocean by using magnets

Oil spills in the sea cause long-run damages to the oceans, as they are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. An interdisciplinary research group led by EAM Member Prof. Marcus Halik has developed particles of functionalized iron oxide that attract any hydrocarbon, including oil. After the particles have adsorbed the oil, they can be easily removed from the water by using a magnet. Spiegel Online and Pro7 presented the great results of the FAU researchers (in German):

Spiegel Online: “Forscher ziehen Öl mit Magneten aus dem Wasser” – March 11, 2019

Pro 7: GALILEO “Magnet gegen Ölpest” – March 13, 2019

Three working groups from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences contributed to the research that involved scientists led by the EAM Members Prof. Dr. Marcus Halik, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hirsch and Prof. Dr. Dirk Zahn. The work was supported by the Cluster of Excellence EAM from the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Government and by the Graduate School for Molecular Science (GSMS) at FAU.

FAU Press Release