Demonstrators are the material outcome of EAM research. They will prove that the developed concepts really work on the laboratory scale and thus constitute a significant step forward to the next level in the process chain, which paves the way for prototypes. Whereas the demonstrators will be fabricated within EAM, prototypes will be manufactured by the ZAE Bayern e.V., the Energy Campus Nürnberg or the Application Center VerTec on an industrially relevant scale. Demonstrator devices were built in the first funding period within each Research Area to embody the collaboration between researchers in the fields involved and as a cornerstone to bringing advanced material technologies from the University to real-world applications. Developed Demonstrators are: electronic circuit components (SAMFETs), new types of solar cells, lab-in the fibre for catalysis or sensing, novel heterogeneous catalysts with hierarchical structures and nanostructured surfaces, tailored lightweight cellular and biomorphic materials as example for automotive applications.

In the second funding period we push this concept to a new level by fostering interdisciplinary collaborations not only within each Research Area but also between different Research Areas. Therefore six Joint Demonstrators, devices with specified electronic, optical, catalytic or mechanical multi-functional properties, are planned to be designed, built and optimized by a group of interdisciplinary EAM researchers based on the results of ongoing collaborations.

Examples for Demonstrators of the first funding period