Focal Topics

Focal Topics will run orthogonal to the application-specific Research Areas. These additions to the structure will aim to both unify and tackle fundamental scientific challenges of general interest in EAM from different perspectives. To elucidate answers to these questions, new and improved experimental and theoretical methods are created, optimized and shared in a multi-disciplinary approach, thus catalyzing further coherence within EAM.

Key scientific questions

  • How can thin film formation be controlled?
  • How can macroscopic properties be understood and tailored by interface control on the microscopic scale?
  • What is the impact of the dimensionality in the functionalization of building blocks?
  • Can we control the reaction networks that lead to nanomaterials?
  • Can we optimize properties and process chains based on predictive modeling?
Graphics of EAM Research Areas and Focal Topics (Image: EAM)

Graphics of EAM Research Areas and Focal Topics (Image: EAM)