New high-end TEM instrument @ IMN and CENEM: TFS Spectra 200

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We proudly welcome a new high-end TEM instrument to the IMN and CENEM. The new Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) Spectra 200 has been installed from September until December 2020, and, since January 2021, it started its operation in the CENEM labs located at the building of Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Films (INZF).

The Spectra 200 provides high-resolution imaging as well as high-performance analytical investigation capabilities. This probe-corrected TEM enables high-resolution imaging in scanning TEM (STEM) mode for all high tensions between 30 kV and 200 kV. The cold field emission gun (X-CFEG) offer ultra-high-brightness, with a high-resolution post-column energy loss spectrometer (Gatan Continuum S), >0.4eV energy resolution can be achieved natively without the need to sophisticated alignment procedures. In combination with a high-sensitivity SDD X-ray spectrometer (Super-X), it creates a high-performance analytical instrument perfectly suited for the nanoanalytical characterization of all kinds of materials and devices. As long as sample could withstand electron beam irradiation, chemical, elemental as well as bonding information could be obtained down to the atomic scale. Furthermore, the Spectra with its Ceta-S 4k CMOS camera can run at 40fps at full field and up to 400fps at 512*512 imaging field, which is advantageous for advanced in situ experiments when coupled with a plethora of special TEM specimen holders available at CENEM. Moreover, in combination with simultaneous STEM-HAADF imaging and EDX mapping, the Spectra 200 allows diffraction pattern at each scanning position to be recorded at high speed (i.e., 4D-STEM investigations). A further advanced method available at the Spectra 200 is electron tomography enabling the analytical characterization of materials in three dimensions. This high-end analytical TEM enables to answer the most complex questions regarding materials science.

The Spectra 200 is integrated in CENEM’s user facility to enable access also to experienced external users. Especially probe-corrected STEM imaging is facilitated using the novel auto alignment (Auto S-CORR) and OptiSTEM+ software.

The most important specifications of the TFS Spectra 200 are:

  • X-CFEG emitter
  • High tension: 30-200kV
  • Energy resolution < 0.4 eV
  • Probe Cs corrector (CEOS S-CORR)
  • Point resolution for STEM: 60 pm @ 200 kV, 125 pm @ 30 kV
  • Gatan spectrometer (Gatan Continuum S)
  • Super-X detector G2 (EDXS)
  • BF, ADF STEM and DPC (iDPC/dDPC) imaging: 4 segmented DF detectors (6 segments in total)
  • 4k CMOS camera
  • Electron tomography functionality (including EDXS)