Track record (1 December 2019)

  • 2,518 publications
  • 30% in journals with an impact factor > 6 (e.g. 46 publications in Nature group)
  • 25% of all publications across EAM research areas
  • 34 % of all publications involving 2 or more EAM members

285 doctoral theses completed / 133 ongoing doctoral theses on EAM topics

Active collaboration across 8 disciplines – between eight Departments of the Faculties of Engineering and Sciences: Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics.

Strategic alliances with BayerAG, BASF SE, BMW, Clariant/Süd-Chemie, Greenerity/SolviCore, Lanxess, Merck, P&G

New DFG coordinated programs initiated and supported by EAM members

  • 3 Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs)
  • 1 Transregio (TR/CRC)
  • 2 Research Training Groups (RTGs)
  • 2 Research Units (RUs)

EAM researchers received 18 ERC Grants (6 ERC Starting Grants, 3 ERC Consolidator Grants, 9 ERC Advanced Grants)

13 EAM Starting Grants granted to junior group leaders (five of these projects have sucessfully applied for an ERC Grant)
75 national and international patents are held or have been applied for

8 demonstrators developed