Prof. Dr. Michael Stingl

Applied Mathematics – Research Area A3

Since May 2009 Michael Stingl has served as W1 Junior Professor for Applied Mathematics within the Cluster’s Rising Star program. In 2014 his position was sucessfully tenured in a W3-professorship for Mathematical Optimization, after he had received several attractive calls to other universities. His scientific focus at EAM is the development of lightweight and meta-materials by means of structural optimization in close cooperation with Research Area E Engineering of Lightweight Materials. For his thesis as a student of Mathematics at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Michael Stingl developed optimization algorithms to solve complex problems with a mechanical application background. He then worked on a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and made several research appointments, including stays at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague. Michael Stingl focused his research on free material optimization, a new technology in the development of composite materials. This lead to the design of the Airbus A 380’s “Leading Edge Rib”, which boasts a reduction in weight of over 33 percent. The optimization software PENNON he developed during his dissertation work is unique worldwide and is used in numerous areas of application such as structure optimization, optimal process control, and financial mathematics. Recently he has been heading the EAM Focal Topic ”Numerical optimization based on predictive models“ as well the work group “Simulation” within the collaborative research center “Additive Manufacturing”.