Prof. Robin N. Klupp Taylor

Prof. Robin N. Klupp Taylor, MEng, DPhil (Oxon)

Coordinator Research Area C

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chair of Particle Technology (Prof. Dr. Peukert)

Room: Room 02.806
Haberstraße 9a
91058 Erlangen

Nanostructured Particles – Research Area A1/C

Robin Klupp Taylor became the first EAM W1 Junior Professor for Nanostructured Particles in March 2009. In response to an call to the Technische Universität München he was successfully tenured in August 2014 (Associate Professor for Nanostructured Particles – W2). From 2012 – 2015 he was one of the two heads of the the international elite Master’s Program in Advanced Materials and Processes (MAP).

His research focus is on nanoparticle synthesis, direct and indirect control of colloidal interactions and nanocoating techniques. These are all tools which can be used to engineer novel nanostructures with multiple functionalities. Materials of interest include UV-absorbing zinc oxide/polymer nanocomposite spheres, tunable plasmonic nanoparticles and light diffracting superparamagnetic beads. Prof. Klupp Taylor is based at the Institute of Particle Technology (LFG) in the Department of Chemical and Bioengineering. He contributed to EAM’s Industrial Liaison Program by leading an interdisciplinary collaborative project with BASF SE from 2007–2010 regarding the theoretical design, synthesis and validation of structured particles for optical applications. Robin Klupp Taylor studied Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Oxford. Following a year of research and study at Rice University (USA) during which he developed metal nanoshells under the supervision of Prof. Naomi Halas he returned to Oxford for his doctorate. His dissertation, entitled Self-assembled colloidal multifunctional nanostructures was supervised by Prof. Peter Dobson and Dr. John Hutchison. Prof. Klupp Taylor then worked at nanotech spin-off, Oxonica Ltd, before spending 3 years at Johnson Matthey PLC. During this period he worked on a government-funded industrial project to develop know-how for flexible dye-sensitized solar cells. In 2008 Prof. Klupp Taylor moved to Erlangen to join the Institute of Particle Technology and EAM. In May 2011 he was awarded an EAM Starting Grant (100,000 EUR) for his project “Scalable and tunable synthesis and assembly of multiply anisotropic colloids”.