GS EAM Workshop “The Generation Mix”

Course for members of GS EAM and member RTGs

Up to 3 generations in a team – no longer uncommon these days. Often, different values, viewpoints, as well as work and communication cultures exist within a team. This results in different demands on Team-Leaders. Meeting the different needs and requirements in an age-diverse team is a significant challenge for them.

But there are not only challenges – the diverse skills, competencies and experiences within the team also create an enormous potential. This treasure needs to be uncovered.

• Greater understanding between generations
• Create common ground, reduce fear of contact
• Higher satisfaction, increased performance, better quality of work and motivation within the team
• Generation-appropriate leadership behaviour – leadership tailored to different generations
• Raising awareness to the needs and challenges of age-diverse teams

Date: 26.03.2024 (new date!)
Venue: Egerlandstraße 3, seminar room P 3.88
Trainer: Michael Nitsch (Treffpunkt Akademie, Nürnberg)

Participation will be acknowledged by a certificate.

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