New member Dr-Ing. Pablo Jiménez-Calvo

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Welcome to the newses FAU EAM member Dr-Ing. Pablo Jiménez-Calvo

Dr. Pablo Jiménez-Calvo (MRSC) is an independent Marie Skłodowska-Curie Post-doctoral Fellow. With a background in Materials Chemistry and Physics (Dr. Valérie Keller, University of Strasbourg, 2019). He spanned two post-doctoral fellowships in prestigious institutions, including the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Prof. Markus Antonietti, Potsdam 2022) and the Solid-State Physics Laboratory from the University of Paris Saclay (Dr. Erwan Paineau, Orsay, 2020). His expertise lies in developing energy materials for solar energy utilization. Specifically, he focuses on photoelectrocatalysis and artificial photosynthesis, with a special emphasis on carbon nitride-based materials, metal nanoparticles, heterojunctions, and interfaces. Pablo is leading the “Carbon-Inorganic Interface Materials for Sustainable Photoelectrocatalytic Solar Fuels and Rich Chemicals” project since January 2023, supported by the European Commission (EU) and Research Executive Agency (REA).

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