13 new EAM professorships (permanent or tenure-track)

  • Institute for Multiscale Simulation
  • Chair of Applied Mathematics (Continuous Optimization)
  • Chair of Chemistry of Thin Film Materials
  • W2 Nanostructured Particles
  • W2 Particle Synthesis
  • W2 Catalytic Reactors and Process Technology – EAM Award
  • W2 Theoretical Physics (Physics Underlying Life Sciences)
  • W2 Nanomaterials Characterization
  • W2 Experimental Physics (Scanning Probe Microscopy)
  • W2 Atom Probe Tomography
  • W1 Self-Organization Processes (tenure track)
  • W2 Computational Materials Microscopy (tenure track)
  • W2 Data Science (tenure track)

25% of all appointed professorships are female

>80 EAM members